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The Wanderer's Day Out

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

If you are a member of The Wander Society, then I believe that we do not need any further introduction. However, if you are not familiar with us, then I suggest that you head off to your nearest bookstore and pick up a book by the same name by Keri Smith. On the other hand, if you are just curious then you may continue on reading, or perhaps something more interesting may catch your eye and be worth your reading time than these rambling words of a wanderer. Either way, it suits me just fine. 

The word wander it self is defined as 

'to walk or move in an aimless way'

It is common for people to assume that wanderers are lost. That we have no purpose in our direction, and that we are far way dreamers with our feet detached from the ground and floating around in a reality that is our own. If only we could explain it. And even when we do, societies do not accept easily, which results us to keeping ourselves hidden, and leaving symbols behind for fellow members, just so they know, that they are not alone in their quest of wandering. 

I set off today by taking the 301 bus from USM all the way to Georgetown. I haven't been on a roller coaster in months now, but I do believe that it could be considered as a fair equivalent. I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted to be dropped off. All I knew was I would know it, when I see it. So I kept my eyes glued to the window as we swayed to and fro, thinking about where I could leave signs behind. 

The purpose of wandering itself can be hard to explain, as it bears no purpose. Or so it seems at first. Why is it that when we are so focused on looking for something that we want, is the same time when we will most probably not find what we are looking for. Instead, on days when we aren't looking for that specific something will be the day that you stumble across it without any hassle at all. 

Today was spent strolling down Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. I started from Armenian street, like any tourist would do, then made my way down the whole stretch, all the way to Padang Kota, allowing the sights and smells of the town to fill me in, with their preserved buildings, temples, and cafes. I liked how the scenery changes so drastically in such a short period of time. Bumped into a Japanese girl and spent a good ten minutes chatting with her about the area, before setting off again down the road, hoping to stumble upon something. 

It is true that everything has its purpose, but when you are unsure of what that purpose is, its easier to let that purpose to come looking for you. And that is why we wanderers wander. We open ourselves to discoveries that we did not even know were things that we might have been looking for.  

When you set yourself to wander, you cut yourself away from the essence of time. You are not chasing anything, and you are not expecting anything. You can feel the absence of time, the stillness, and as I sat in the lovely cafe I found amidst my wandering, its as if the whole world could just wait for a minute, because like we members like to say, 

I felt infinite 

No, I did not take that from Perks of Being A Wallflower, the society has it too. Just so you know. and it comes with a symbol as well.

That feeling was enough for me, and made my day feel completely fulfilled. 

I came back satisfied. Feeling lucky and wonderful to have that moment, because there are days when wanderers return empty handed. Yet it keeps us hopeful for our next wandering session. Because you just never know what is it that is waiting for you. And though society may make faces and shake their heads in protest at your quests because they think you are loony gone nuts, as you stare up into the sky and feel the waves of the sea talking to you. But always remember that;

not all who wander are lost,
       we are just seeking a bigger truth beyond what we are 


Are you one of us? 


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