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of those who come and go

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

My best friend of 10 years left for the airport today. For a moment we were not 24 year old's on the verge of adulthood, but just two 14 year old girls giggling and wondering how life would have turned out if we never became friends. When we kept thinking about it there were many times when we could have just stop being friends because god knows how often life tried to split us into two. 
At this tender age of uncertainty, life tends to get in the way of many things. Dreams are put on hold for realistic goals, principles held are bent to fit into societies molds, and relationships are left to hang with years gone by without a single hello.

Scrolling through instagram or facebook, it's a common feeling to stumble across pictures of old friends and think about the great times you had, or how you used to be so close. Would you still get along like you did in the old days? Do you wish you could have been better friends? Or how life would turn out differently if you stayed in touch. 

I've never had that many friends, even since primary or secondary school, but I remember the juvenile days when I would always try to hang on so tight to the ones I did have. Regardless, it took me 5 years to finally realize that you can't be the only one holding on. Like all relationships, it is a two way street, and above all things this 10 year friendship has taught me that the people who want to stay in your life will make an effort to stay there. They know that you are important enough, valuable enough to them that they will find every single chance they get to show you that they want you to stick around. 

some will annoy you.
some will go through distances to help you.
some will cry to you
some will lecture you
some will buy you food

Everyone has their own way, but it all comes down to that. I'll admit there are people that were once the shining stars of this short movie I call my life, but today, they are just familiar faces that I can't even recall their names. Along with time, their importance slowly starts to fade away, and memories just remain in the past, no matter great they were. 

We tend to take for granted these people by our sides, believing that they will always be around, while we ourselves focus on reaching out to other people, god knows why. 

 I have finally let go of those who didn't find me important enough. Sure it was pretty hard, but when I look around and see the faces of the people who have never failed to try and spend their precious time with me, why on earth would you even want to bother with anyone else? 

Of course, It would be naive to think that people won't come and go. Friendships can be tricky, feelings can get hurt, and sure they will. But if they are worth it, like all relationships you will find a way to make things work.

So if you are reading this, and it is making you think of that someone that you've always found important but never had the chance to say it to, I suggest you pick up the phone and start catching up. 

because well,

 you never know.


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