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Hello, Goodbye.

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

It is done and over with. I am finally done with exams. and no, this not the part-time over with exams kind of thing, this is like, no more exams for the REST OF MY LIFE kind of thing. whooopeeee. 

Since fourth year is all about writing our own original thesis, i'll be spending that one year just focusing on that, and since all my other credits are safely obtained, i don't have to take anymore classes! How fun would that be. 

At least at first i thought. i'll be having oodles and oodles of free time, and if i'm not careful i just might waste it away.

So that is why I have been keeping myself busy with my writing. Writing for Taiken Japan is great, and really makes me go out to see places, and find things to write about, while making a little money.

on a more personal level, i've started writing my very first novel, which I intend to finish by the time I graduate, hopefully. 

I just really want to spend my last year here paving the road to my future.

if i'm done with my novel, when i get back i don't have to waste any time and just look for any willing publishers.

By one year i'm hoping to write enough articles to at least say i'm a bit experienced later on when applying for other jobs.

most importantly my thesis which discusses the roles of first language in a second language classroom, will gain me access to that lecturing job in that university that i'm aiming for.

so yes. i don't want to just end my degree like that. i want my final degree year to catapult me into the world and hopefully send me far enough to where i want to be.

because it doesn't take any motivation or effort to become a loser


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