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Its All About The Experience

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

So lately, i'll have to admit that money has taken a toll on me. before that, happy 2015 everyone! for some reason it just feels the same to me. 

so yes, back to the money thing. 
Nara came, and we had lots of fun. I think we basically just ate a lot, rather than go to many places, but hey going out with her is always about eating anyway. i'm happy that she came, and it was the highlight of my new year.

After she left, I was pretty broke. luckily i had cookie, who was always there to help me out. but i did feel abit upset. its been nearly 3 years now, and my savings have gone no where. 

i really try. believe me.
but something just always has to come up, and money just flies out the window. *kapoosh*

when i was all sad about this, a great thing actually happened, my first article finally got published on Taiken Japan! 

its a small accomplishment, i know. but as a person who has always wanted to be a writer, it felt great. because everyone has to start somewhere right? 

sure a few people think its lame when they figure out i only make 1000yen per article, that's like RM30? but to me its not about the money, its about the experience i'm getting from writing, rather than the pay can ever give itself. 

and that's enough for me.

in fact all the money I've spent on my travels around Japan might have left me with an empty pocket, but my experience bar? it's pretty full.

and i finish this post with a wise saying from my awesome mother.

"You can always find money, but experience? That usually comes once in a lifetime,"

needless to say, I guess I rather be broke, for now.


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