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The Unathletic Discovery

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

For unathletic people like me, it's very hard to find a type of outdoor activity (or indoor too) that we can enjoy while working out and staying healthy.

Believe me, i have tried.
jogging didn't wrok out because i found it boring, and I never like the return trip.

dancing in my house didn't last long, because i soon realized i was just flaying my arms around like a drunk octopus.

duo-sports like badminton or anything else was hard because i didn't have a partner.

i can come up with more but this yould just ultimately bore you, so imma go ahead straight to the point, whixh i never though i could enjoy any type of sport just because, well i was pretty lazy and basically they didn't seem to work for me.

this all changed of course last year during my trip to the north of Japan, Akita. It was winter, and although i hesitated a billion times, my good friend nisa' insisted i tried snowboarding, and ever since that day, i was completely hooked.

i mean, i suck really, don't get me wrong, but it felt so great, just sliding down the mountain, and falling on my ass. it was the first sport i ever tried that i never thought about giving up on. tumble down the mountain i did, but falling in all that snow just made me laugh and giving my hands and legs a hell of a workout.

this year i was prepared to go again after a whole year, and boy was it great. the adrenaline rush, the snow in your face. what a ride!

only sad thing is that i have only a year left, and snowboarding only comes once a year. sigh. but i promise myself that i will try to go as many times as i can.

tis the season to ride your board


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