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The Climb

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

i've never been the athletic type. 
i've always been the OPPOSITE of athletic.

in fact i get sick most of the time.
allergic to nearly everything.

and just down right sickly.

so when i decided that i wanted to climb the mighty Mount Fuji, it was considered a pretty big deal.

it was just something i felt like i had to do before i graduate. studying here for nearly 3 years and not climbing Fuji was not a good way to go.

so me and my 12 comrades ascended the mountain at exactly 2.30 pm on the 15th of August 2014, and while everyone else made it to the summit by 10 am the next day, (we slept at a mountain hut before continuing at 6.00 am)

i reached the summit at 11.30 am. 
my point being, i was really slow.
but i was ever so grateful that Hana was with me the whole time. even though she knew i was slowing her down, she kept up with me.

and if it wasn't for her, i doubt that i wold have been able to made it to the summit.

i always thought that climbing mountains were a waste of time. you use so much time and energy to reach the top, then you just go back down. but after i saw what i saw, when i was up there, i truly understand why people who love climbing mountains liked to climbed mountains.

its just so peaceful up there.
you can find a rock to lie down on and even fall asleep.

the view above the clouds was simply breathtaking. 
beautifully breathtaking. 

well i'm never climbing another mountain in my life again that's for sure.

but i sure won't forget this one. 


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