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sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

it might sound silly to live by the words of a fictional superhero,but it works for me.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

OF course, i do not have spider related mutations, or my own bat cave. Nor do i have the power to turn into a huge green monster when i'm angry or clever enough to make my own super powered iron suits.

the only power i have, is being me. 

a daughter.
a sister.
a Muslim.
an Aunt.

Although seem petty, these are among the things that carry the greatest responsibilities of all, yet when tend to look pass them.

and no, i'm not merely talking about the responsibility to repay our parents for raising us, or taking care of our nephews and nieces etc.

i'm talking about the responsibility to not get angry at your parents no matter how much they get on your nerves, because THEY ARE YOUR PARENTS. 

the responsibility you have to be patient no matter how many times your niece breaks your speech contest trophies by accident. 

the responsibility of standing up for my beliefs when people scrutinize them.

No matter what it is, i believe that we should always have a responsibility to be patient, to be understanding.

to never judge or assume that someone is beneath us, or more tired than us. or less important.

sure this idea might seem like a cotton candy filled happy land too ridiculous to make sense. everyone has a breaking point right.

well maybe this is mine.
and my way of breaking out of it, without letting out all my anger and frustrations to the people around me.


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