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sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

Another year, and we grow yet a little wiser.
Happy 2014 everyone.

Why is it that we always tend to wait for something new, to decide to change?

It is during new year resolutions that we convince ourselves, that yes, this is it.

this is the year.

this is the time i'm going to shine, make it big, make a difference.

barely 3 months pass before we give up on that, and start thinking, oh well maybe next year. because there's ALWAYS next year.

and if that doesn't work,
there's the next.
and the next.

As humans, we always have hope,and sure it is not a bad thing, but too much hope with too little effort won't get you anywhere either.

and before you know it, all those years pass by and you suddenly realize that there's no more turning back, and no matter how far into the future you go, the time that has passed, will have passed by and you won't get it back, and the worse part is when the realization sinks in, that all this while what you have been doing has no significant meaning whatsoever. 

don't get me wrong, i do believe in change.
but what i think is more important than change itself, is the fact that we ourselves, in us realize when we need to change, 
and stop putting it off for another day.

learn to realize when something is not going to work, and find your way around it,instead of just waiting for things to magically work out itself. 

so here's to a new year, and even if it wasn't, i hope that everyone will be able to achieve whatever it is that they have been wanting to achieve.


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