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Confessions of a Babysitter

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

So a month has passed since i started my summer holidays for this year.i have less than 3 weeks left before leaving for Japan.

honestly speaking, my everyday has been spent with the kids.
from waking up first thing in the morning,

and starting the day with morning exercise
then we have arts and crafts
we made paper machie and masks
a little bit of TV time
then having tea parties and making cakes out of play doh
then we have a shower and dinner
and if its a Friday night, the kids get to choose a movie

and finally we end the day with getting into our bed space ships and blasting off into a galaxy far far away and wen we wake up, we'll end at our destination on earth.

of course i tend to lose my temper at times and things turns ugly, but i try to reason it out in the end, and make sure before they sleep they know how much i love them.

being around the kids, just doesn't make me think about everyone else. as long as i have them holding my hand, and say

'Aunty Adek, can we have ice cream,'
'Aunty Adek, Azeem kacau me'
'Aunty Adek, i need to use the toilet'
'Aunty Adek, Abang push me'

i feel important to them and that's good enough for me.
it's kind of like during the ending of Wreck it Ralph when he says that as long as that kid thinks i'm okay, then i'm okay with 


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