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Moderation; Ramadhan

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

Praises to Allah the Almighty, for once again we arrive to this month.
its true with time you really come to realize how important Ramadhan is and how much we need it.

when i was small it used to be all about eating.
going to the bazaars.

air bandung
kuih pelita

and all sorts of other delicacies.

its only since i came here that i found a different meaning in to this month of Ramadhan.

last year, for my first iftar,
i had rice, sardines, and a fried egg.

i'll admit i was upset at first.

imagining that my family  would be having alot of delicious cooked food, and were all together, waiting for the Azan.

then they would proceed to the mosque for terawih prayers, and after that enjoy moreh by which would always be Teh Tarik (Milk Tea)and mee goreng, kuey teow or anything else.

and yet there i was alone in my house.
after having finished my sardines i did my terawih by myself.

it was a different kind of Ramadhan for me.
and soon i came to understand that maybe Allah did want me to have this different kind of Ramadhan experience.

the reason we fast is to feel the hardships of the less fortunate.
how can we feel for them if at the end of the day we buy too much food and eat like no tomorrow?

what i took from this experience is that Ramadhan is about moderation. 

not to whine about how sleepy or tired we are because we are fasting.
not to buy too much food because "this is for breakfast lunch that i had missed"

and eventhough my sardine and fried egg wasn't all that of a glorious meal. at least i had some food. when some people don't and even have to go for days without.

be moderate. 

and now to celebrate my second year of Ramadhan here, on the first night of iftar, i cooked myself delicious sardines and a fried egg 

alhamdullilah, that's more than enough for me 


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