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the perfect Sunday

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

I guess it's a bit too late to apologize for the long silence.
but better late than never i suppose.

recapping would be a waste of time.

but if i were to sum up the past two months, i would simply say that I have turned 21, and i am now in my 3rd semester. and that would probably be it.

i haven't been out much. 
the idea of travelling to every prefecture in Japan did sound exciting at first, but as usual money and time seem to stand in the way of making that come true.

i find myself sitting at home addicted to video games now.
not wanting to leave the comfort of my bedroom.
hoping the days would go by and i would be able to awaken in the all too familiar sights and sounds of my family. 

but they are a 6 hour plane ride away.
and my nearest family would be just Cookie. 

we decided to spend a Sunday together.
although we could not think of anywhere to go.

instead we decided to burn up the fat that had accumulated in our bellies during the winter. 

Cookie was always the sports athlete type of person. 
i was sure that i would die on the jog.

small little steps, he said again and again.
small but quick steps! 

making jokes along the way.
Cookie didn't break a sweat of course.

it was i who was half panting half laughing my way to the end.
once we reached the lovely red lighthouse at the end of the pier, i was quite shocked to see how far i had ran without stopping.

it was quite an accomplishment, really.
especially for a person who has never made it through 10 minutes of jogging without stopping. 

i was hoping to be rewarded by a delicious cooling chocolate latte at Tully's, but was denied by Cookie.

instead i got a bottle of energetic drink. 
which i would have to agree was much healthier.

we walked home, and spent the rest of the evening playing Star Wars. Before you knew it, soon it was time for Cookie to head back, and i wouldn't see him until the summer holidays.   

there's only so much you can do to make every moment special or exciting. 

sometimes we just refuse to see the joy that comes in the little things that makes life seem worth living. 


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