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twas the day my sister got married

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

today, my fourth sister Zahirah had gotten married.
you could probably guess how tiring it was. 

at one point i just wanted to ignore everybody

but alhamdullilah all went well and now i have another brother in the family. hurrah! 

i have 4 older sisters. 
and watching them get married sometimes, is like a countdown.

when my first sister got married.
there was still a long way to go.

then my second sister got married.
but i felt there was still time.

then suddenly my fourth sister gets married.
and i'm not sure what i'm feeling

then we get news that at the end of this year  my third sister will get married.

and the countdown is over.

there will only be me.

and i'm only 21. 

i'm not really sure how i feel about weddings.
when i see my family get stressed out, and all work that they have to do.

you kind of don't feel like you wanna get married.

but then again not all marriages are like that.

i know when i read some people writing about
how actually bersanding and all is just a waste of money, and there are a lot of better things to do.

but as my mum puts it, its not really a waste of money
your feeding people free food, and thats a good cause no?

and sure the bride wants to look pretty.

don't all brides?

we all have our judgments.

and i am too exhausted to continue this post, but you probably get what i'm trying to say right?



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