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catching up

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

have recently realized how much everyone has posted. 
and how i'm still chasing after the unknown .

so first and for most let us welcome the month of Ramadhan.
this is indeed a first for me, spending it without my family and friends.
the joy of going buka puasa with everyone, and getting ready to go to terawih.

the enjoyable moreh that comes afterwards.

i'll have to face it, that i've been sent here to Takamatsu as a lone soldier.

yes the first night we did get together at Kak Fiza's house alhamdullilah. 
and i was so happy to have spent terawih there with them.

but we couldn't do it every night because of classes, and that i lived quite the distance from them.

so i started doing terawih by myself.

knowing that i am not truly alone. 

Allah the almighty is here with me.
and He wants me to feel this loneliness to remind me that He will still be with me. masyallah.

i do find myself waiting for the clock to turn to 12.00 am and i will quickly dial mama's number.

asking her how was terawih, was the food good?
did babah's back hurt? 

i long to be there with them. 

and i remembered watching the video of Lauren Booth.

she saw a poor muslim woman, and she got angry.

'Why are you fasting? your god is cruel to make you fast when you are already so poor' 

and the lady said 

'sister, we fast to remember the poor' 

and she instantly fell in love with Islam.

the woman is so poor, yet she knows that there are people much less fortunate than her. 

she is content with what Allah has given her. 

and that to me is just beautiful too. 

i think twice now.
every time i want to complain.

we all should.
and not just during Ramadhan :)

selamat berpuasa 

1 comment:

  1. Nicely said ayzie. :D
    Selamat Menyambut Ramadan and May Allah keep you safe & sound there. :)


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