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rewind + i will come for you

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

as the result of constantly watching himym; the soundtracks are on replay in my head. and they seem to fit the situation perfectly right now.


asking you to stay;
the words are finally here
let's rewind; and rewind

i wasn't running this time. i was just sitting. i drew a picture. as i always did when i felt this way. this time i didn't give in. this time i didn't have the courage to pass it. this time i threw it in the garbage. because it always ended the same way. or so i thought. 

in the driveway

see you pull in
then my heart stops
when your stalling

this time, you asked for my number. this time, you messaged me. this time you called.
this time you took me out. this time you waited. this time you asked properly. 
it's a long way out

do we make it to a sequel
second chance of our survival
we all need a hallmark ending
and a change of heart

now we're here. we're really here. and we're just next to each other. has it really been that long? i rewind back to the day we first exchanged smiles all the time.

I Will Come For You; 

If it's not too early
i will come for you
If it's not too early 
i will come for you
just tell me that you're coming for me too

i cycle to the station to fetch you every time. even though you already know your way around here, since you come so often now. but i just want you to know what i'm always going to wait for you. 

cuz i've been here before
and i know what it's like
oh what it's like 
i have been here before

sitting for months; waiting for a single phone call. getting dressed up only to end with no one showing up. preparing every single detail so they will feel happy; but it goes unnoticed. try to change to become a better person when they think your not good enough. being called fat. sacrificing everything for a person, but to be the one left without an ending. besides EVERYTHING they have said in the beginning. 

i have been there before.
and i know what it's like.

so i don't want you to go through that.
at least not the way i did.

i will always wait for you at the station.

just tell me that you'll wait for me too


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