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sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

if this was 3 years ago; the phrase Bintangku would mean something else. 

but this is for my very special Bintang.
the one whose been with me for the past 7 years.

come to think of it, the reason we hated each other at first was because everyone told us to do so.
you'd hear stories about me,  i heard stories about you.
but i'm glad we cleared it out. 

remember your 15th birthday?
i gave you a teddy bear keychain! HAHAHAHAHA super LAME.

and then there was the time we would play piano and then buy ice-cream at the KOOP. 

or sometimes just sit at the study room and listen to the songs on our mp3.

when we laughed at the 2 girls who went into the closet to take pictures. 

remember the time i was so scared to go to the Sapphire toilet, but i was brave enough to walk ALL THE WAY to Emerald to wake you, so you could teman me. 

when i wanted to cut my hair for the first time; you asked Dania to cut it.

come to think of it every time i had some stupid idea up my sleeve, you would find ways to make it happen.

and days and nights when i couldn't sleep, you bought me SHINE, and would slip into bed beside me

and even when you had stomach cramps! you'd practically beat up the bed to release your pain. 

SPM; Physics paper, we FLY for the first time! and ate steamboat! 
and then we thought maybe we're the only people who like steamboat. 

we had our rough times too. 
even though we never said it out loud, but we could feel it. 

but i'm glad we always found ways to make up.

usually i would just run to you and cry apologizing.
being the big sister you would take care of me. 

after high school, before you went to Lendu, i went to Setiawangsa and we ate Kuey Teow :)

and when you could drive, you always came to my house.

and after that the countless of times i would hop on the LRT and find you, because no one knows me quite like you do.

even now sometimes, i wish i could hop on a plane and find you again.

so here is to our 7 years of friendship
of course there's no date for anniversary or monthsary,
but that doesn't make it any less important. 





soulmates; thank you Nadhirah Jamaluddin.

bak bintang yang tidak selalu kelihatan;
namun tetap ada

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  1. Once upon a time (now), Hin is listening to Bunga on the phone while typing this.


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