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sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

i am the youngest in my family.

i have four sisters.
they can be nice.
they can be annoying.

they can be frustrating.
but as the youngest; i can't do much about it but just be patient and deal with it.
i avoid arguments with them by giving in most of the time.

i am usually rewarded by free food!
getting the things i like; okay not the ones i like but the ones my sisters prefer.

so it's not so bad.
but it's tiresome when it comes to my shopping sense.

i remembered how i used to be their barbie doll.
that was when i was 5-6 years old.
as i progressed to primary school,and could go out to parties.

i would have to go through the 4-stage fashion check.

it would start with of course whichever sister that saw me first.

'Adek, go change, wear the dress yang beli hari tu'

and after i obediently change, i would bump into the next sister who would also have something else to say, and make me go change; AGAIN.

and then the next sister.
and then the final sister.

until everyone is satisfied, i'm allowed to leave the house.

and then i went to high school.
i could choose things i want to buy and wear.
and now that i had my own mind i didn't really like the things my sisters chose.

EVERY TIME i think something looks good on me,my sisters would always say it was ugly.

and if i insisted on buying it, out comes the sarcasm.

'Eh, don't tell people your my sister tau, malu'


but i learnt to live with it.
and SLOWLY i guess they knew i wasn't 15 anymore.

but now every time before i buy something; their voices will echo in my head, and make me think twice about the things i wanna buy.

it's a good thing :)

annoying sometimes; but none the less, they are my sisters.
and i love each of them as unique as they are, despite all the cat fights :)

you guys are so going to miss ordering me around when i'm gone; muahaha


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