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return to the past

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

we have things that we love
but at one point in our lives, eventually we leave it behind. 
but the sweet and bitter memories still remain, for us to look at and reminisce.

it's been 2 years since i left debate. 
being in the Japanese line took out all my time so i had no choice but to push it aside. 

before i leave for Japan, i'd like to return at least once to the debate world.

the place that made me full of spirit, and tore it down and the same time. 
where i shed tears, and made some of my dearest friends that i still have till today.
the crushes on trainers that i knew nothing about. 

all the drama
all the rivalry.

when i stepped into KDU yesterday; those emotions flushed through me again. it wasn't the same as IIUM Interschool of course, but still seeing all the students reactions when the tabs came out, and them scribbling down the motions and rushing to their venues for their 30 minute prep.

it made me smile
and as i embraced my Jr.s who are still continuing in the debate line, i felt like the old grumpy captain i used to be.

sure they've grown a lot, they too have join the line of adjudicators, but when i'm around them it was back to form 4 and 5 all over again. 
and all our glory days.

truth be told, i really do miss debate.
but if i had the chance to go back for it again, sadly i don't think i would. 

too many demons still haunt me with debate. 

but none the less, i hope my Juniors will try the best to continue on with what we have left them.

i'm glad i left my last tournament with a bang. 

in Japan, i'm going to try the Drama Club 

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  1. all the best in Japan, Ayzie! :) make us, malaysians back home, dang proud ;)


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