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Life as We Know It

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

i watched a video today.
it was video of Syrian boy and the hardship that he had to go through.
most of us would watch the video.
feel for the boy.
but then an hour later we're complaining on why there's a zit on your face.

or how you don't know what your going to wear for an outing.
or how you don't have a cool default picture for Facebook.
or how you can't afford tickets to that concert you wanted to see.
or how that girl or guy you like just got into a relationship.
or how people don't understand your feelings.
or how your favorite football team just lost a game.
or how your studies are killing you.
or how you couldn't score on a paper.

and if we're not complaining

then your bragging about that awesome party you went to.
or about the new expensive handbag you just bought.
or the new video game you just bought.
or how sweet and romantic your partner is.
or how good you look in pictures.
or how good your grades are in school.
or how good you look in pictures.

and if we're not bragging

then maybe we're just doing a daily routine.

watch the television.
play games.

or whatever it is we do.
so where am i going with this?

we are all humans. and for a typical human, that's life as you know it.
everything revolves around us.
everything is about us.
everything is about our problems.
everything is about our satisfaction.

and when i think about it. even for myself i've never tried to reach out to anyone beyond my reach.
sure i care about my family and friends.
i do things for them.
but i've never tried to help people in Palestine.
i've never tried to help people in Euthopia.
i've never tried to find a way to reach out to them.
just read about it in the paper.

most of us think
'don't worry, we're sending aid'
'don't worry someone will take care of it'
'don't worry i'm donating money, it will make it better'

and then apart of us feel like we've done our part and that's it.

back to our normal daily lives.

but in their eyes.
nothing changes.
the war still rages on.
we get some food, yes thank you, but that doesn't change the fact that we're still dying.
my brother is cut into pieces.
my father is shot.
so where is our donation in the picture?

i know in the back of our heads, we think that we can't do anything.
we're just students or people.
we're not the president.

but like i said before, we don't know what we're capable of.
change starts from within.
but we shouldn't take too long either.

so i'm going to try.

try to stop being selfish and just think about that exam i flunked.
or how no one thinks about my feelings.
or how ugly i think i look.

even if i flunk
even if i'm having a bad day.
even if the boy i liked found a new girlfriend.

at least i don't have a gun to my head everyday.

let's all try.
and i mean like REALLY try.

so i guess this is kind of a way i'm doing my part as a blogger.
hope it moved you


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