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the dog days are over

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

after 2 years of rain; finally the rainbow can be seen :)

i have successfully graduated from Institut Bahasa Teikyo.

and yes insyallah i will be flying off to Japan this March.

yes i could write all my feelings and what not, but since the feeling is indescribable, i guess i'll just keep it short.

but sure miracles do happen.
when you think about it 2011 was full of miracles.

i got a part time job at a Japanese carnival and even got RM30

i ran a marathon and got 11th place out of the 40 something people that competed.

i wore the yukata and danced at Bon Odori

i drew a flag for my sports team which i'm still proud of

i won a speech contest which was in a language that i keep failing in during exams.

i wrote my first haiku!

i cooked nasi ayam!

i played the guitar at KLCC park and various LRT stations.

and the biggest miracle is i survived IBT :)
thank you to all parties who made this possible.

moral of the story?

never lose faith, and even though all hope seems lost, keep your faith in Him, as he knows what is best for you. never let your enemies see you cry, nothing annoys them more than seeing that your still standing. keep your friends close, your family even closer; cuz at the end of the day they're the ones who will have your back and support you.

most importantly

believe in yourself.
sometimes even you don't know what your capable of.
so don't be afraid to jump.
take a risk.

and especially to F26; remember no matter how far we grow apart,
we're still looking at the same sky.

ishioni waratta hi, ishioni naita hi, sorewa bokura no kizunano akashinano...


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