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sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

hello world!
it feels good to return back to writing. a place i can pour out my ramblings and feelings without having to annoy anyone.

so it's been roughly more than a year since i enrolled in IBT, and believe it or not the rough ride to reaching Japan is nearly over, thus giving me the time to actually blog again.

so even if i had to recap everything, let's just say that learning Japanese taught me ALOT of things, and opened my eyes to many things that i've never really realized before. well everything happens for a reason right? no matter how bad it is. or that is how i see things.

but despite all the painful insults and critisms, beautiful rainbows and sunshine appeared as well, to help me remember that life is not just about passing examinations, and reaching people's expectations.

so what did i learn this whole year?

-failure doesn't kill you.
-being at the bottom of the class hurts, but it doesn't mean your the worst.
-no matter how hard you work, some people will just not believe you but that shouldn't bring you down

and yes there maybe lots more, but i'm sure that everyone gets the picture.
so truth be told, i don't know if i am going to Japan or not, but whatever the outcome, i know He knows whats best for me, and i'll take it on full force.

sure maybe there will be those who will laugh at me.
those who will look down on me.

but that's life.

oh and yes, one more very VITAL lesson that i've learnt,
sometimes what you don't expect might just come and find you, and when it does you'll find it hard to believe, but thankful at the same time :)



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