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Of Anni and Donuts

sesungguhnya realiti itu tidak indah;

mama called last night.
today's chit chat was about not pretending to be someone your not just so that someone would like you.
because after you get married, you'll be surprised.

the conversation ended with mama reminding me to be myself, so this would't happen to me. 

and so i did. and i have been.
for these past two years.
around Cookie.

it was an improvement from last year, instead of flowers he showed up with my favorite bottle of tea and chocolates. 

and i know that he is just being himself around me too.

he did buy me flowers afterwards, after our visit to the park to see the autumn leaves.

the plan was to take pictures with the beautiful autumn orange leaves. 

unfortunately all the leaves had fallen so we couldn't take any real nice pictures.

so we walked around, and every time we found at least one tree with a few orange leaves, Cookie would try to take the best picture he could.

soon we gave up. 
and we bought a different kind of donuts this time.

i liked it.
but Cookie didn't.
i ate 3 and he only ate 2.

as it was autumn, the days were short and soon it was dark and time for him to leave again.

we sat for a while as we waited for his bus.
thinking about why Japanese donuts don't seem to taste very good.

even if they didn't seem to taste very good, they always seem to be there for us on our anniversary. 
and when i thought about it again, maybe our anniversary is like the donut in a way.

not as sweet as we expected it to be,
yet soft and tolerable enough for us to eat it. 

for another year of laughter with you


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